3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing a First Look on Your Wedding Day

Not sure what a first look is? It’s when you and your significant other see each other before the ceremony on your wedding day. Maybe that sounds crazy to you but stay with me here.

It seems as though we are all use to the tradition of the couple not seeing each other on the wedding day until the very moment one of them is walking down the aisle. WELL, that’s not a real rule and no you’re not going to have bad luck if you choose to do so, no matter what your grandma says.

your wedding day, your rules.

I loveeeee a wedding day first look and thought it was time to share my reasons why.


Yes of course you’re going to get a reaction out of your partner when you’re walking down the aisle but it all happens so fast. With a first look, time is set aside during your day for this special moment and you have however long you need to take it all in. It’s only the two of you, no distractions, so you really get to focus on his or her face when they see you for the very first time.


With a first look, you’re able to have a conversation with each other right then and there. There’s not much talking once the two of you are at the end of the aisle during the ceremony because the show is about to start. You’re able to tell him how handsome he looks or hear how beautiful you are and ease each other’s nerves. You can hug, kiss, whatever you want (as long as it’s appropriate in front of your photographer, ha). Yeah, I’ll be there too but after the initial photos, I always step back to let you have a moment to yourselves.


Have you ever been to a wedding as a guest and had to wait SO LONG between the ceremony and reception because the bridal party was taking pictures? Well, with a first look schedule, that’s not necessary. One of the best things about seeing each other before the ceremony is that basically ALL of your photos can be taken beforehand as well. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, family photos –all of it can be done now that the two of you have seen each other. Now, you can enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests instead of being bombarded by them while you’re trying to eat dinner at the start of your reception.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re one of my couples and do not want to see each other before the ceremony, I’m so cool with that! Remember, your wedding –your rules. I’m not here to convince you to do it, I’m here to provide a professional opinion if you’re on the fence about it. I’ve photographed 165 weddings and about half of my couples decide not to do a first look and I’m here for that too. I just want you to know that seeing each other before does not take away the magic from you walking down the aisle to your boo. Music is playing, your guests are standing, the anticipation is building and it’s a whole different vibe, still with allllllll the feels.

my own first look experience

Based on how much I raved about the first look I’m sure it was obvious that I chose to do one myself at my wedding. It was such a special part of the day to be able to see Chris and have a minute with him before everything got started. His reaction was perfect and even though he already knew what I looked like, he still managed to squeeze out a few tears as I came down the aisle.

Also, we had a choreographed dance planned for the reception and obviously since he couldn’t see my dress before the wedding day, we didn’t know if my dress + his wheelchair would work out with our dance moves. The first look allowed us to practice our dance all dressed up only to prove that it WASN’T going to work out. Luckily, I brought a white cocktail dress with me that day (for some unknown reason) and I was able to wear that for our first dance and we didn’t miss a beat.

wedding photos by chelsea collins photography

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