3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding


Let’s be real. You plan your reception more for your guests than yourself. You want your guests to have the best time possible and talk about how fun your wedding was for days, weeks, even years to come. Although you reallyyyyy want them to, not ALL of your guests are going to be on the dance floor no matter what song you play. Having a photobooth, though, gives them another opportunity to get out of their seat and have a good time at your wedding. They can have unlimited photo sessions with anyone they want and the photos send straight to their phone so they can instantly share and keep forever. (easy wedding favor, helloooooo)


Guess what? Having a photobooth means MORE photos for you! Alllllll the photos taken using the photobooth by you and your guests are sent straight to YOU. You will have access to every single one. Trust me, so much goes on throughout the reception that you may not remember or even see certain things happening so having access to all the images your guests take with the photobooth lets you relive your reception in a whole different way.


This one is pretty self-explanatory but the photobooth is ALWAYS a hit at weddings. When you decide to book the photobooth, you get to choose a luxury backdrop that fits the vibe of your wedding, access to so many cool props and a photobooth attendant to help guests throughout the night if needed. You can also apply filters to your images. The photobooth does more than just photos, too. With our photobooth you and your guests can create boomerangs and gifs as well. Everything is immediately sent to your device so you can share on social media.

Megan’s photobooth was a great addition to our wedding, and she was so awesome to work with! Our guests really enjoyed the props Megan provided and being able to receive their photos on their phones. I also really liked that I was able receive copies of the photos on a USB drive.  So many of our guest commented on how much they loved it! 


People were SO entertained, they loved making the boomerangs, and some of my favorite pictures are of our guests in there. Who would’ve known our old school, 90 year old, italian uncle would put on a feather boa and heart shaped sunglasses and take a bunch of photos? Our light sabers were never supposed to come out before our exit and I would never change the fact that they did-so many people shared their shots from the photo booth for May the 4th and I LOVED seeing them all over again! I love that it was compact, had an attendant the whole time, and that we could customize with the background and props. We wanted to have an entertaining wedding with something for everybody to do and I really think the photo booth added an extra element to that theme.


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