3 Tips for Styling Your Engagement Session


Guess what will give you a variety for your engagement session? More than one outfit! Trust me, I know how difficult it is to choose something to wear for your session (I do it once a year with my husband for our anniversary session) so having two outfits instead of one makes things a tad easier.

Also, this helps if you have a situation where you end up not liking one of the outfits you chose –you will now have photos with a backup! When it comes to choosing which two outfits you want, I always recommend one fancy and one casual. It’s your engagement session so why not dress up for it?

Color and style? Take into consideration your session location. If it’s at a park with big green fields and lots of trees, stay away from the color green so you don’t blend in. Don’t get too matchy with your partner either –try one of you wearing a solid and the other a pattern but within the same color scheme.


It makes a difference! First of all, when you get all glammed up, it makes you feel good so what better way to start out your engagement session than feeling confident? The pictures turn out way better too. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, the right stylist can take your natural look up a notch to look flawless in photos. And if you’re on the fence about false eyelashes, DO IT! Those give your look a nice little pop in photos! This is also a great way to test out a hair & makeup artist before your big day.


Did you think I wouldn’t take photos of your hands? That’s the whole reason we’re here, right? That engagement ring! Even though you won’t see a ton of close up shots of your hands, there will be a few. I like to do some posing that emphasizes your hands and ring because seriously, that’s why we’re here. Your partner proposed and we are celebrating it! There’s been too many times where I go to focus on a hand and I get the response “Oh no! My nails aren’t done!!” So let’s just avoid that from the start. No need for nails like Cardi B (unless that’s your style, okuuurrr), just have them painted.

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